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A printable 3D model at reduced costs and in a relatively short timeframe
Design of models
The innovative tools proposed by NEWAYZ is the 3D architectural model printable in a relatively short time. The degree of realism and palpable dimension offered by 3D printing allow customers to project and visualize their projects more easily. Indeed, the 3D model is a concrete illustration of any architectural project. Thus, clients are more likely to take a business decision in a timely manner. The degree of realism made possible by 3D printing, offers customers the possibility to visualize their projects in a very precise way like never before. It is not always easy to read a 2D plan, it is much easier to visualize a real estate project thanks to 3D animated images, or even better, thanks to virtual reality; a phenomenal tool that allows you to live your project from within, as if you were there. As for the 3D model, it is a tangible illustration of any construction project. Our Newayz solutions offer our customers a tremendously effective decision-making tool.
Architectural 3D models
3D models applicable to real estate development
Concept design models, interior and exterior furniture, commercial booth
Product packaging models
Design model for general consumer goods
Industrial mechanical parts design
Proposing a 100% local solution for the production of mechanical and industrial parts is the challenge that NEWAYZ has taken up. We position ourselves as solution provider for industrial concerns because our printers are capable of reproducing mechanical parts at a competitive price and in extremely short time frames. This means our customers will no longer need to manage inventory. This offers more flexibility in the maintenance of their production tool.
Design and printing of mechanical industrial parts, jigs and fixtures
Development of supports and hangers for mechanical parts
A 100% local solution for the production of industrial mechanical parts
Design of calcinable resin molds for the manufacture of luxury jewelery
Luxury jewelry pieces
One of the applications of 3D printing is the production of jewelry pieces. Our printers allow you to design calcinable resin molds for the manufacture of luxury jewelry. This technique makes it possible to manufacture personalized jewels from a multitude of materials: precious metals or precious stones. Jewelers thus benefit from a technology capable of producing prototypes of jewelry in a reduced time and at reduced costs.
Modeling and printing of molds for the manufacture of jewelry
Virtual reality
3D technology takes on a new dimension in NEWAYZ, virtual reality allows, through realistic images, to try an experiment of 360 ° immersion in the virtual world. Using a headset, you will have the opportunity to see, perceive, to browse the house of your dreams. NEWAYZ is committed to making you touch your dream.
Preview / 3d rendering
Thanks to its 3D renderings, NEWAYZ is able to produce extremely realistic images to illustrate user manuals such as commercial brochures or websites from a simple idea, a sketch or design. As its slogan "Touch your dream» indicates, NEWAYZ is committed to helping its partners to materialize as much as possible any project that came directly out of their imagination, particularly in the field of real estate or design of consumer goods.
Office furniture, commercial premises
Facade layout
Landscaping and gardens
School building
Fitness center
Accommodation of places of worship
Shop fitting
Development of bar lounge, restaurant, etc.
Medical practice, health center
Exhibition stands and showrooms
Hotel facilities, guest house
House renovation
Thanks to our 3D renderings, Newayz produces realistic photo images