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Passionate of graphics and design since his childhood, which ultimately became his profession by profound vocation, Gérard Miessan met Albert Diadhiou, an entrepreneur who is particularly keen in new technologies and how they can shape the future.

Gérard is a true talent in graphics and design. He won the most prestigious drawing prizes in Côte d'Ivoire since 1988, since the early age of 16. He enjoys a proven professional experience at the highest level of the hierarchy in various leading communication and marketing firms in Côte d'Ivoire. His extremely creative gift and his attention to details have always prompted him to look for the best technologies to help him in his vision of a flawless and ultimate design.
Albert Diadhiou, while taking a business strategy course at Harvard University Extension School, discovered how the world of tomorrow is being shaped by the new technologies, in particular, three-dimensional (3D) printing, which is as per Wikipedia definition, the additive manufacturing technique of producing a real object from a 3D computer file, software and printer. His stay at Harvard has allowed him to meet leading scientists among the most advanced in the field of 3D, or even "4D" (technology capable in the future of restoring damaged organic tissues), as Jennifer Lewis, Professor Emeritus of Harvard University, spearheading this research, calls it. Albert was thus able to envision the wide range of possibilities offered by this technology for our present world.

The Internet of Things (IoT), that is to say the extension of the internet to the things or places of the physical world, is another technology of the future that Albert discovered in class. IoT is today considered the third evolution of the Internet, called Web 3.0 (Wikipedia source), and a truly disruptive technology. A fourth “industrial revolution” is clearly in the making.
An important Cisco group team member in the business development division was given the opportunity to present one of the most successful IoT applications in the business strategy course mentioned above: the smart city, which improves the quality of life of city dwellers and optimizes the cost of living, with an important regard to environmental issues. Home automation is one of the components of the smart city, for which Albert has shown a special interest.

The meeting between these two entrepreneurs led to a joint-venture between their two companies, Icone, the Graphic Design Studio founded by Gérard on one hand, and Cocoa Trade Ivoire, the trading company owned by Albert, on the other hand. From this union, NEWAYZ, a subsidiary was born, a top-notch design firm, managed by Gérard, which enriches its natural talent, by integrating the new technologies adapted to design, in particular 3D printing and home automation, brought in by Albert.
Traditional tools used for design, such as paper, limit to some extent the appreciation of works and projects because of their limited sensory properties. The revolution brought by 3D printing, or 3D rendering into the world of creativity, graphics and design, offers enormous possibilities for users and makes it possible to fully understand the reality of the works proposed. 3D printing is the perfect technology that allows professionals to create a design that has been successfully perfected through iteration. They can better apprehend the object that emerged from their imagination, thanks to 3D printing. This technology is already in use in the main developed countries and NEWAYZ is entirely committed to play a role of pioneer and to contribute effectively to its democratization in Cote d'Ivoire, along with smart homes. The objective is to allow professional designers in particular, and Ivorians as a whole to have the best technology currently available in order to be at the forefront of design.
Ambition / Perspectives
As its denomination indicates, NEWAYZ, is approaching design differently by offering its partners, especially professionals in the sector, the opportunity to present their projects on 3D models or 3D rendering rather than on paper. This is the most effective decision-making tool currently available in this area. As pioneer of 3D printing in Côte d'Ivoire, the NEWAYZ team, through the solutions it proposes, conveys the image of an innovative start-up, at the forefront of progress.

By using a cutting-edge technology, 3D printing and smart-homes, and relying on a team of experts in the fields of artistic creation and design, NEWAYZ aims to position itself as the leader of an industry of the future, that of 3D imaging, adding virtual reality to its wide variety of advanced design solutions, besides high-quality 3D video of course.

Newayz's ambition in the end is to make a recognized contribution to the world of design on the one hand and to improve the urban lifestyle in Côte d'Ivoire on the other hand, thanks to the extraordinary progress introduced by smart-homes.
The Newayz Team is a dynamic squad of passionate professionals and extremely motivated by the technological challenge that the company is determined to take. These young people are part of what is best in terms of 3D in Ivory Coast. They are very energetic and have a strong sense of creativity and detail. Finally, they quickly became the best Ivorian experts in 3D printing, forging a very solid experience thanks to innovative solutions that they could provide to NEWAYZ initial customers.
Main activities
NEWAYZ is a top-notch design firm that relies mainly on new technologies, including 3D rendering, 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality and smart homes. It operates in the design and production of 3D architectural models, prototypes, interior and exterior design work and also the development of innovative visual aids.
The fields of activity of NEWAYZ are varied:
- Printing of 3D models, especially architectural models
- 3D printing of jewelery or mechanical parts
- 3D printing service desk for professionals (designers, industrial designers, etc ...)
- Presentation of interior design projects
- Presentation of renovation projects for buildings
- Presentation of finishing projects of real estate programs delivered semi-finished
- Presentation of renovation projects of professional sites and other commercial premises
- Home automation solutions

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Products and services
The innovative tools proposed by NEWAYZ is the 3D architectural model printable in a relatively short time. The degree of realism and palpable dimension offered by 3D printing allow customers to project and visualize their projects more easily. Indeed, the 3D model is a concrete illustration of any architectural project. Thus, clients are more likely to take a business decision in a timely manner. The degree of realism made possible by 3D printing, offers customers the possibility to visualize their projects in a very precise way like never before.
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Proposing a 100% local solution for the production of mechanical and industrial parts is the challenge that NEWAYZ has taken up. We position ourselves as solution provider for industrial concerns because our printers are capable of reproducing mechanical parts at a competitive price and in extremely short time frames. This means our customers will no longer need to manage inventory. This offers more flexibility in the maintenance of their production tool.

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One of the applications of 3D printing is the production of jewelry pieces. Our printers allow you to design calcinable resin molds for the manufacture of luxury jewelry. This technique makes it possible to manufacture personalized jewels from a multitude of materials: precious metals or precious stones. Jewelers thus benefit from a technology capable of producing prototypes of jewelry in a reduced time and at reduced costs.
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Thanks to its 3D renderings, NEWAYZ is able to produce extremely realistic images to illustrate user manuals such as commercial brochures or websites from a simple idea, a sketch or design. As its slogan "Touch your dream» indicates, NEWAYZ is committed to helping its partners to materialize as much as possible any project that came directly out of their imagination, particularly in the field of real estate or design of consumer goods.
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